Sometimes webmasters get carried away with the design or rankings of their website they forget about SEO practices. These common SEO mistakes are often done without the webmaster knowing they are wrong about it and with the Penguin algorithm present on Google search engines, these websites are being penalised without them knowing.

Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes that should be remembered when doing SEO work on your website.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing refers to the shady tactic of stuffing keywords on the website or a web page to manipulate the Google search result.


For example, “Our company offers the best machinery in Australia. With our expertise on Machinery, we are able to provide excellent products and service in terms of Machinery. So if you are looking for Machinery, call us today.”


You don’t have to repeat your given keyword in every sentence. The best amount of keyword in a page is around 2-5 percent for the whole text. For every 1000 words, the keyword should be around 15-20 times present to avoid stuffing. Repeating a phrase or a word intentionally won’t boost your ranking but will be penalised for doing it especially the new updates on algorithm.


  1. Broken Links

Broken links are hyperlinks that no longer pinpoints the intended destination inside your website. Sites naturally accumulate broken links but it would be troublesome if visitors and Google crawlers if they don’t find something if they click the link. Remember, bad links will earn your website bad reputation. To avoid this, always make time to audit and clean out those broken links as soon as possible.


  1. Duplicate or Copied Content

Creating your very own content can be a little hard especially if you are busy with your business. In that situation, some website owners steal or creates a copy of their competitor’s content and make it their own. Google is penalising these act pulling down your website’s rankings or worse, de-indexing your website from keyword searches which is bad for your website.


  1. Non-Authoritative Links

Links building should be done in the right way but some are trying to get links as many as possible. Quality links are more important than quantity. You might have a thousand backlinks but they don’t hold authority or irrelevant to your website. Always remember, a good link from a good site is like a vote of confidence.


  1. Not Conducting Keyword Research

The objective of keyword research is to ensure that your targeted keywords are not related to your competitors but has increasing and high volume of search queries. With the use of the right keyword, your website will generate organic traffic to your site and will determine your rankings for each keyword you place.

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