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December 21, 2016
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SEO Essentials: Link Building 2017 Part 1


For marketers, link building is very important to their marketing efforts. Link building substantially boost SEO and Google ranking factors. Now things have evolved, from previous years links from low ranking sites, forums and comments seems fair but now, Google recognizes links that are relevant for users or links that have substantial information about a certain topic or keyword.

But what makes your content linkable? Nowadays not every content publish in websites will not provide you with backlinks; instead they would just mention the author. Without a link, these articles you wrote won’t get any benefits. Today, we’ll give you some advice on this topic.

First of all, understand why people or websites might link to your material and find ways to support you.

  • Create and Share Valuable Content
  • Authoritative or Researched content
  • Support an Article with reference

The content should be able to provide readers useful information that they are currently looking for. The more helpful the article, the more chances you have in obtaining high-quality backlinks.

  1. Create content with Original Insights and Research

Doing research and insights on an article will provide you original data. More importantly, if a person or a website would like to use your article as a reference or presentation on their website, it will give you an opportunity to create links inside their website.

Quality research should answer vital questions people usually look for and will provide value to your article. This article usually takes time to create but will compensate with high-value backlinks.

  1. Adding Visual Assets

Your creativity will also provide your content some advantages. The content should not be limited to words, adding visual aids will help you promote your content better.

  • Adding infographics
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Videos
  • And Pictures

These can elaborate the information you’re trying to convey to your readers. It also attracts readers to check other articles for more information and making it less boring.

  1. Create Guides, How-To’s and E-Book

These types of content contain a lot of information about a specific topic which gives you more room for in-depth content. It can also be a tool for lead generation for those people who wants to download or subscribe to your website.

On the next topic, we’ll talk about content distribution.

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