Social media engagement is important for businesses and a crucial step for a successful internet marketing strategy. Involvement in the social media community gives you an advantage on your competitors. The question is, how will you do it? Today, we’ll give you some tips on how you can easily execute your campaign.

Improving your Content

Everybody loves good content. According to reports, people who use images on their Facebook post enjoy higher engagement rates compared to other posts which have no image. A similar study on twitter, showed 35 percent of people are more likely to retweet image content, rather than pure text. There are a lot of free tools to help you create interesting image content like Canva,, and more.

Videos have always been a source of viral content on social media and a lot of marketers are using it to improve conversion rates on their social media pages. Landing pages with videos improve conversion rates by 80 percent and 50 percent of marketers consider that videos are the leading type of content for higher ROI (Return of Income) for their businesses.

Engaging Conversations

The easiest way to communicate with your target market is to initiate conversation on social media pages  related to your business. When posting to a community or pages in any social media platform, it is important to be the first to initiate engagement to improve your likeability factor and score excellent brand impressions.

Strong Calls to Action

Including solid Calls to Action in your social media pages and posts is a great way to improve your marketing strategy. When you clearly communicate a CTA to your clients, you direct your prospective customers to your products and services. To create an interesting CTA, make sure that they are short and think about what you can offer that your competitors don’t.

Sponsored or Paid Post

There are many great examples of these posts on Facebook.   Learn how to do it yourself in this blog: Facebook Ads. Set a budget for a sponsored posts on different social media pages. Investing in sponsored posts can attract a wider audience outside your existing fan base.

Schedule your Post

Consider what’s the best time for you to post on social media. Marketers often ask this question and it appears that the most popular time slot shared by expert panels are the times in between noon and just after lunch and after 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Test this yourselves to find out what works best in your network is well worthwhile.  If your target audience is new parents, they may respond at a completely different time than elite athletes or finance brokers.  Social media tools like Hootsuite can help you automate your post and schedule updates across different social media platforms.

WebRight Australia Pty Ltd can help with any questions you have or can prepare a comprehensive social media campaign for your business.

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