Different types of SEO Content

Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your company without spending a lot of money.

Compelling and shareable content can easily go viral and create traffic towards your website. Creative

content takes different forms. Here is a list of the kinds of content you can use for your SEO campaign.


1. Blog Post

This is the easiest way to promote your website through SEO content. With an engaging blog

post, you’ll be able to attract potential clients and subscribe to your website. These people will

find you when they search for information mentioned or contained in your text. Posting

information about your products and their use, tips and tricks and things to avoid can bring

potential customers to your site, and also give them confidence in your company.


2. Infographics

Infographics are images that contain data about a certain subject related to your company or

products. These infographics can easily rack up website views and links towards your website.

Infographics are also great content to be posted on social media sites for views and shares that

will strengthen your social media authority.


3. Vlogs or Video Blogs

Videos can be easier to rank than your typical text blog or page. Depending on your type of

business and keywords used, videos can be a very effective way to reach your potential

customers. In making videos, try to illustrate your services or products (How to’s, facts, etc.).

Many people prefer to obtain information by being told about something, rather than reading

the information. Using videos means these people are more likely to go to your website than

your competitor, who doesn’t use videos.


4. How to’s or Guides

This blog can be done both in text and video format depending on how you wish illustrate the

guide. Make sure to make the guide easy to understand and cover things which you get a lot of

questions about. Not only does that mean that you will get more traffic to those guides, but it

can have the added bonus that you do not have to answer the same question over and over

every day.


5. Lists

It’s a kind of article that gives a list on a specific topic (e.g. 10 ways to effectively Monitor your

Website, 5 Benefits of Regular Machinery Maintenance).

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