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Social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) have made a huge difference in the way people connect with each other on the internet. Millions of people use these mediums on a daily basis and pay significant attention to the material on them, often making recommendations to friends and seeking advice on products and services. This makes  social media a gold mine for businesses, as both a form of direct marketing and communication, and a solid method to improve your website’s SEO.


Social media marketing is very effective for all types and size of business.   Even the biggest companies are using this strategy to promote and communicate with their clients due to its extensive reach.


But how can you pull off a great social media marketing campaign?  How do you start marketing in the social media world? We have put together some key points for you to consider before you begin.

  1. Identifying your goals

As with any marketing campaign, you need to set your goals for your social media campaign. Think about who you want to reach and what you want to say to them.  Are there specific products in your range  which may lend themselves to this form of marketing better than others?  These can be used to make people aware of your business and bring them to your website where the rest of the range can be showcased.   Generation Y are probably the people you think of as the biggest users of these mediums, but the audience is not limited to that group, and the reach of social media is becoming wider and wider.  

  1. Relevant and Engaging Creative Content

Once you have determined who you want to target and what you want them to know, you need to create interesting and engaging content to be posted on your social media pages.  These are often short snappy blogs, infographics or videos about a particular product or need of your preferred consumer – something that will grab their attention in their busy day because it relates to a need or inconvenience or desire, or is entertaining.  Interesting content posted on social media can become “viral”. Viral content can create traffic from your social media page and can be a great way to entice people to be your followers on social media. Most “viral” content on the social media are videos and infographics, so these are fantastic formats to use.   They get a message across to your audience quickly and require little thought or input from them.


  1. Seek comments

Most of the social media folks like to share their opinions through comments.  Asking your followers to share their opinions on each of your posts makes them feel like they are valued and involved. Ensure that all comments and questions which ask for a response are given one, even if they are not positive.  Use these as opportunities to show your professionalism, and learn about what your customers are looking for.


  1. Regular Update of Social Media

Let your followers know what’s new with your company. Use every opportunity to post the latest updates, projects, online deals and promotions.  Regular updating shows your customers that you are progressive and keeps you in the forefront of their mind so that when they are considering buying one of the products you sell, they will think of you.

Social media marketing requires business owners to be engaging and creative in posting and updating their business page. If you don’t have the time to update your social media and needs help from the experts, visit our promotions for details on how Webright can help you.

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