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December 20, 2016
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December 21, 2016
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Preparing your Content SEO for 2017


This month is the perfect time to re-think your SEO marketing strategy.  Planning ahead is essential to ensure your ranking factors will be stable during 2017.

The most positive SEO approaches are making your website superior in terms of user experience for visitors, and protecting your website from being penalised in major search engines (as the algorithms are tweaked to stamp out devious tactics and content spamming).

Here are some pointers for your 2017 SEO Strategy.

Content Quality

If you want to maintain or get higher search engine result rankings for your website, we need to have quality content. Think about this, if you have 250 words of gibberish that doesn’t address your customer’s search queries or even your target keyword, major search engines will probably find a better website that has content that does.

What should you remember when writing content?


  • Length


In terms of length, 1000-1200 words is the best length. Including  keywords in a natural and meaningful way and including compelling information are also essential.


  • Originality


Nothing beats the original, and copying and pasting articles from other websites can now be easily detected by search engines.  Once detected, they will penalise your website’s rankings.   You need to put your own spin on the content and add value for your readers.


  • Well Researched


Your content should be well researched from authoritative sources.


  • User Experience


The page should be fast-loading and pleasant to look at and explore.


  • Shareablity


Your content should be high enough quality to be worth sharing on social media platforms.  This gives your search engine rankings another boost.

Multimedia Optimisation

We assume that “Content=words” but this 2017, we’re going to change that mindset. Yes, your content will consist of blog posts and regular site content updates,  but if you also have infographics, videos, livestreams, podcast, e-books, white papers, images, case studies and other media, this content will improve your content marketing strategy and increase our outreach capabilities to your future clients.


  • Repurposing your Content


If you have a long article, this can also be distilled down into an appealing infographic, or expanded to a  webinar. Repurposing existing  content and will save you a lot of time.



  • Increase your Engagement


Studies shows that engaging with your clients through different multimedia content results in a higher percentage of them visiting your website. People have different preferences, some like videos or others like seeing pictures or reading articles. Because of these, we need to diversify our content creation strategy and take time in creating and engaging with your target clients.

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