It’s the time of the year where we start to plan, create a budget and strategizing about our incoming SEO Marketing for 2017. And if you are looking for some tips or help setting up your SEO, we’ve got a few points to share.


  • Accelerated Mobile Pages


With the rise of different smartphones on the market, Google has now initiated a campaign where website owners should have better and more user friendly introducing a new standard for building web content for mobile devices. This new standard is a set of rules that forms a smaller and lighter HTML.


Effects of AMP

  • Ultimate User Experience

“Speed Matters” in terms of mobile websites. Slow-loading pages are associated with higher bounce rates up to 40% and visitors are likely to abandon the site if it loads longer than 3 seconds.

The lighter HTML and CSS used on the website is now lighter, thanks to AMP and will truly help users have a better user experience when visiting your website.


  • Citation Building


Local citation building could be the most overestimated factor for Local SEO. Previous SEO knowledge was based on surveys rather than an empirical look on the process. And a recent study shows that the strength and volume of local citation doesn’t matter much on online ranking.

What to do:

  • Build the Right Backlinks

We are normally build links on websites with high authority and avoid links from low quality domains because of the “Penguin Update”. But when it comes to local SEO, local relevant websites has much more weight than authority. So if your website has a low authority but highly relevant to your local area, you should try and get a link.



  • Optimising your Voice Search


The featured snippet also known as Rich Answer or Direct Answer is a summary to a searchers question that Google shows in a special box at the top of the SERP. It turns out the featured snippets have greater potential for voice search. Everytime a searcher makes voice searches for a keyword where your website ranks in featured snippets, Google references your brand and gives you a great opportunity.


How to Optimise Featured Answers?

  • Long-tailed keyword Research

Find out the commonily used search questions for your website or product.

  • Create a piece of content that answers these questions

Make sure to add the answer itself to the search questions. The structure of your answers to the questions is more important than your website’s authority and relevance.

  • Add additional information

After you answer the question, add relevant facts and trivia that is pertaining to the same question.

  • Make your content easy to find

Make sure that Google Bots can easily navigate to your website and find the content the searcher is looking for. Make sure to also share your content in different social media platforms to create traffic.

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