Inbound Marketing

In any business, marketing is important because it allows people to be aware of and take notice of your products or services – your business. More often than not, a business success relies heavily on marketing campaigns.  The traditional way of doing marketing is through radio, TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers, direct-mail, sponsorships, and etc. This is called outbound marketing. But times have changed. People’s behaviors have changed. They have tune out the traditional way of doing marketing because most of the time, it is too loud for them and it takes their time away due to the interruption it has caused them, especially when a consumer is not part of your target market or has no interest in your business. While doing outbound marketing can be a success when done right, it is too “in-your-face” and that aspect might hinder many possible customers to come your way.

Today, many businesses have been doing what is now called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing method in doing business online since 2006. It is done through blogs/vlogs, podcasts, videos, e-newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers, SEO (this is where it is widely used) and other forms of content marketing.

It is known that outbound marketing is interruption-based and inbound marketing is anything but. Inbound marketing is permission-based because it allows consumers to communicate with you with their permission as they have the option to subscribe to your blog (as what is commonly the case) and when they give feedbacks; but when they give feedbacks, it is important to not ignore it.

These methods may get you a smaller number of people compared to mass media but you have the greater percentage of the right people whom you are targeting for thus, you have a greater chance of sales than mass media. But it is not as easy as pie. Inbound marketing takes a lot of time and patience because you are building trust with your target market first before a possible sale.

What makes inbound marketing a great method compared to outbound marketing though is that it not only gives you a greater chance of success, it also saves you a lot of money because it costs lesser than doing the traditional methods.

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