Common Local SEO Mistakes

Local SEO can be a very effective method of internet marketing, and is certainly something that business owners should know about. Online visibility is essential for any businesses looking to maximise its customer reach . But there are common mistakes that business owners unwittingly make, especially when managing their own SEO.  These errors can significantly  penalise the website, its search engine rankings and the effectiveness of the chosen keywords in any SEO campaign.

Here are some of the common mistakes when it comes to Local SEO committed by business owners.

Listing Virtual Addresses

If we are to be visible online, we need to follow the NAP Principal.  NAP stands for name, address and phone number, which are used by major search engines to rank your site. As Google updates are done very regularly, Google is now pretty smart and knows about virtual addresses and P.O. boxes. The problem here is virtual addresses can be shared by other companies, leading to multiple listings for one address. This leads to confusion and a resulting lowering of rank.  A physical address that is not going to be used by anyone else should be used to avoid this kind of problem.


Insufficient Citations

Ensure your business is listed in all the major local business directories.  The more listings, the more credibility you will have with the big search engines, as long as you avoid the next mistake listed.


Inconsistent and incomplete citations

When completing your directory listings, the information should be consistent across all the directories, as far as possible. Complete all relevant information sections – the more information in the directories the more likely that the visitors who are directed to your site will be interested in what you are offering.  Irrelevant traffic does not help your bottom line, and can also negatively impact on your rankings when your bounce rate increases.  Remember to check your citations regularly to ensure they are up to date.


Lack of quality content

Good content with local references will always help with local SEO.  You local customers will be more likely to use you if you offer useful information on your site eg how-to guides and examples of your products and why you may choose one over the other.


Poor quality site

If your site is of low quality this is what customers will expect of your business.  Your bounce rate will remain high and although you may get more traffic to your virtual front door, your visitors will quickly hit the virtual highway if they can’t quickly confirm that you are selling what they are looking for, or your site is slow or hard to navigate, especially on mobile devices.


Forgetting Social Media

Business owners do forget this factor. Your target audience spends significant time browsing and communicating through social media. As a business, taking advantage of the social media craze can be a great leap. Social shares through social media platforms like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more can help create better rankings for your website, and interest in your products.

Also don’t forget to update your social media with your latest projects, photos, articles and more. Socialise with clients through personal messages and comments.


Keyword Stuffing

For a time, the major search engines turned a blind eye to, keyword stuffing and this practice was utilised by many to help their sites rank higher in terms of Search Engine Result Pages. However, this has been frowned upon for some time and stuffing keywords and the location of your business will likely result in your site being penalised, lowering its rankings.   Therefore careful use of keywords in your content is essential, otherwise your effort will be wasted.


Using the wrong keywords

Keywords are important for search engines to rank your business in terms of organic search. Often, business owners  have difficulty selecting the right  keywords.  They often  don’t conduct proper research before deciding which keywords to work on. The bottomline here is put your feet into the shoes of your clients, and think about what keyword they will be searching to find your your products and services.


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