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SEO is ever changing and in 2015 it is no different of a change than what it has been in the years past. However, people are still mystified by what is going to make the best SEO practices for them to use this year, compared to all of the years past. Here are three topics that are being hit on really hard this year by the search engines, that people tend to overlook.

Mobile marketing has lampooned into one of the biggest marketing schemes in the world. Since this has happened, people need to make sure their websites are mobile friendly. This may sound very easy to do, but it is actually quite a bit harder than what people realize. When the websites are viewed as mobile friendly in the search engines, though, they have a tendency to soar to the top of the search results as people are using their mobile devices more for browsing than ever before.

Social markers are still playing an important role for websites to rank in the search engines. While most people never think about this, they need to realize the social markers include the number of shares of a page, back links from social pages, but also the number of people who are talking about the website. So the more active the social media is for a website, the better the rankings of the website in the search engines.

Videos are going to help rank a website more than any of the other types of back links people can build. While people may think it is very easy to rank a website, they need to realize a video can help them out more than anything else. The reason for this is YouTube is a very popular website and it is one website that has managed to maintain its rankings well beyond the updates that Google has seemed to perfect.

While people tend to rank very well in the search engines, they may not realize the changes that can be made to their rankings over a short time period. This is when people need to know more about the best SEO practices in 2015 and how putting these practices to work for them can help them in maintaining the good search engine rankings they want to have and know they will be able to make a living from their websites, instead of being a struggling marketer.

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