Are you sending leads?

If you spend money advertising your product or service on classifieds sites, the answer is yes. There are very few less efficient, or more harmful ways to spend your marketing budget, and here’s why:

Classifieds sites show up in competition with your own website in search engine results. That means you’re paying to send leads to their site, instead of driving them to your site exclusively.  This is a big loss to your business, because once your customer is on the classifieds website, they can easily access all your competitor’s offers.

The classifieds model punishes small businesses. They start you off with a basic package, then bury your listing underneath the big guys who can afford the premium service. They also load up the site with companies, meaning each of you has less chance of selling your product.

Just by being listed alongside your competition, you’re giving your potential customers the chance to choose someone else over you. That’s a quick way to lose money, short and long term.

In all our years in business, this is a marketing blunder that pops up constantly. Why pay a company that doesn’t care about your success to generate leads for you? They are being paid by your competition to generate leads for them too.  It’s a conflict of interest. Instead, invest in your own web presence, and make sure you’re primed to generate your own business.  There is no reason why your website can’t rank higher than theirs in search engine results.    You just need the right team to drive your SEO and content on your own site.  Of course, that team is WebRight Australia.

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