Brand Identity

In setting up the corporate brand identity, you need to have this important checklist:

  1. The Vision Statement – set your goals here.
  • Define your important products and services.
  • Find out which products and services that you will never offer.
  • What’s unique about your brand that you can offer?
  • How do you want your customers to describe your brand?
  • Where do you want your company to be in 5 to 10 years?
  1. The Mission Statement – understanding your market.
  • Find out the specific market needs that you want the company to address that already exist?
  • Set the company’s plans to address these needs.
  • Set the guiding principles that define how your company approaches the market.
  • Give reasons as to why the customers have to buy from you and not from your competition.
  1. The Essence
  • What emotions do you expect from your customers to get when they encounter or experience your product or service?
  • If you could associate your brand with a person, how do you describe its personality?
  1. Personality
  • For your company, does it depict being serious or all-business?
  • Or is it all playful and light-hearted?
  • Or is it fun and down-to-earth?
  1. Value Proposition
  • To whom are you targeting your brand?
  • What industry or sector does your product or service promote?
  • What is the brand promise?
  • What is different or sets you apart from your competition and why do they need to care?

You need to be able to sit down and set some clear plans on how to better manage and advertise your brand identity. Whether you need the help of an agency or brainstorm them within your company, you need your checklist to be able to guide you on how to better build a brand identity. Let’s just say, they serve a foundation to be able to help you see your goals clearly.

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