Brand Identity in Marketing

Once you have defined your brand, now you are ready to take it to the next level and that is to market with advertising, creating a new website, its contents, inbound marketing and any other methods of outward-facing marketing. Here’s an overview to guide you to define its purpose in each set of marketing communication.

So when you are writing a creative overview, you need to answer these particular questions (these questions serve as your guide to build your goal):

Defining your projects’ deliverables

What do you expect to come out of it? Will it be a video, a website, an infographic, a whitepaper or an email campaign?

Efforts to Accomplish

Ask yourself what is the main goal of this particular project? What do you expect to happen after you have targeted your intended audience once they are there? What action do you expect people to make when they arrive to your presentation?

Who Are the Intended Audience?

You need to find a clear description of your intended audience – check the demographics, psychographics, how they think and feel about the brand or product in question.

Get the Message Out

Based on your brand position, you need to include a statement that encapsulates the most persuasive and compelling benefits of your products.

What Exactly Do You Want Your Audience to Think and Feel?

As part of the brand identity process, you have to capture the emotion of your audience – how they think and feel after seeing your presentation?

How Do You Want to Justify Your Support?

If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, you need to point out why your service or product is better and what it can serve on your audience. Is it because you are faster, cheap or is your service or tool easier to implement?

How Does Your Presentation or Method Contribute to the Brand’s positioning?

Out of all the communication you started, it has to tie it back to your brand.

Are There Any Restrictions or Practical Considerations in Your Methods?

If you have a presentation, do you have a length preference? Are there any specific words or phrases that must be delivered or said? Are you restricted to what you have to say? Any cost considerations? Any time constraints involved?

You see, you have to ask yourself these questions in order to guide you to properly market your product or service and promote your brand successfully.

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