Website Maintenance Tips

If you want to ensure that your business website functions well and is as secure as possible, you will need to perform ongoing website maintenance work. That work will include backups, server maintenance, database improvements, SEO and more.

A lot of website maintenance tasks, such as backups, sitemap refreshes and database compacting can be automated. However, there will be some tasks that you may want to do manually, such as updating server software (you may want to confirm that there are no stability or compatibility issues with the software before performing an upgrade), and updating the content of your website.

Some maintenance can be performed in-house, but there will likely be a lot of things that you will need to outsource, especially if you have a small IT team and limited resources. It is well worth paying for a good web design team to look after your website, because you will find that this saves you a lot of time compared to trying to do the maintenance yourself.

You can use the time you save by outsourcing the technical side of things to spend time creating new content. If you don’t have a lot of time, spend a few hours one day pre-posting content to your website and schedule it so that there are new posts going live every few days.

Attempting to do maintenance in-house is not a good idea, and it is highly likely to be a false economy. If something goes wrong and your website goes down this could have a massive negative impact on your brand, and could also harm your on-going SEO efforts.

Up-time, loading speed and appearance are all important when it comes to taking care of a website, and it is also important that your content is current and high quality.

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