How much will it cost me for a website?

Starting a website from scratch can be a daunting task and can appear to be a complicated process with all these foreign terms – which we call programming language or code. Let’s break down the costs that you need to plan in setting up your first website.

Here’s what’s involved:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Design and development
  • Website maintenance

The Cost of a Domain Name

Every website would require a name – it is a unique identifier on the web – just similar to your house address. Register your domain name (annually) into a registry company. This is much like registering your name in the census.

The usual costs of domain names run from around $10.00-$12.00 – depending on which domain registry you are looking into. However, they can be free if you sign up for a web hosting – we will cover this next.

The Costs of Web Hosting

Not to be mistaken for domain registry, web hosting provides a way for the domain name to be accessed through a web browser. In order to make that possible, it has to reside in a server or machine with a reliable permanent connection to the Internet. What is also required in a good web hosting provider is security – protect itself from being hacked; and also be easily configurable for internet traffic.

Since not all people have their own server or machine at home, they buy a space on a server provided by someone who is able to. These are called the web hosts. The cost of web hosting can be monthly or annually – depending on the company that provides these packages and payment terms.

Current cost of web hosting on a monthly basis can range from $4.00 – $500, depending on the type of hosting you require. There are different types of web hosting services – they all vary from your needs. The thing you need to consider when it comes to the costs are the disk space allotted, scripting on the server side, database availability, secure transfer or SSL compatibility, data transfer allowance, tech support, email space, and etc.

The Costs of Design and Development

The design and development of your website would depend on who does the job – costs include:

  • The time it takes
  • Building the web pages
  • Scripting database interaction
  • Interface design which is under the development
  • Labour costs

A common misconception: Anybody can build a website.

Truth is, not exactly – though anyone can build a lousy website, but professional-looking ones are done by professionals and let’s leave it like that.  You know that creating professionally-made websites require experience, training and a set of specialised skills for efficiency. Corporations hire experienced professionals when it comes to developing and maintaining their websites because their brand image, productivity and success greatly depend on it.

Web development and design fees greatly varies from $25/hour – $80/hour for hourly rates or if you go by a fixed rate – you have to consider that there is a pre-determined number of pages, images, audio, videos, etc…

Website Maintenance Cost

As soon as your website is finished, the question now is – who will make the changes or update if the need arises? The design process should address this issue. Here are the options that you need to consider:

  1. Set a maintenance agreement with your original designer/developer. The good thing with hiring the same people is the fact that you get a cheaper deal with hourly rates, no need to spend time on teaching someone to help them understand well.
  2. Third-party programmer or agency. The only advantage is that it can be cost-effective given the right situation.
  3. Make the changes yourself – it’s free. However, do you have the knowledge and skills?

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