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October 27, 2014
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Top 10 Tips for Small Businesses to Stand Out from Their Competitions

Small business owners, startups, entrepreneurs

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Small businesses are highly favoured in the US based and in some parts of the world, based on the survey that was done by an organisation recently.

Small business owners, startups, entrepreneursDid you ever wonder why? Small business is viewed as a positive influence and gives a strategic way in the foundation of providing a better customer experience. What’s more is that the products and services are focused on a niche with target customers that are defined. The business operations are more agile and not restricted to the corporate rules and procedures.

Another thing that small businesses are more favored is the fact that they are more trusted and have a defined integrity, better community engagement as well as customer support. Did you ever tried calling a small business and got put on hold or in an automated call center support? Never right? These things make up the difference why small business is more valued and competitive.

The next thing now is to properly leverage these main points to bring your brand and stand out – without breaking the bank.

Tip #1: Know Your Brand

A brand comes higher than your logo or your merchandise as well as your products. This is the overall customer experience with your business. Brand includes the visual elements of the business, what you do with the business and how you do it; as well as the customer interactions, type of information being shared through your marketing and social media. All these help in building trust and credibility for your business. This is what you call branding.


Tip #2: Stand Out from Your Competition

To stand out from your competition, you have to be unique from everyone else. So how would your business stand out if you have the same product you are selling from the rest such as phones, televisions, and other common electronic stuff? Simple, make a special point as to why yours is unique or different from the others. It may not be the product you are selling, but your service that is unique.


Tip #3: Provide Excellent Services and Amazing Products

The best marketing strategy is through the word or mouth – and to be able to get positive word of mouth, you have to provide your customers top-of-the-line customer support, service as well as great products – deliver them beyond your customers’ expectations. You can do so with refining your process, test new offerings and never lose sight of your product and not focus on the money that it brings in as this is the common problem why some small businesses fail.


Tip #4: Be Engaging and Let Your Customers Know the Face behind Your Business

Having a personal touch doesn’t mean you have to be there 24 hours. But having the absence of the business owner in a company that is expected to run successfully is not going to happen. This is where most small businesses fail big time. It is great if your business is run without having your constant presence, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to engage with your customers and your employees as that can lose the balance in keeping your employees motivated, your business losing its structure and the customers losing interest. For a business to grow, it is important that the presence of the business owner is there.


Tip #5: Build Your Community

What do you know about having a successful brand? A successful brand is one that is trusted and revered by customers. Wouldn’t you want to have your brand be trusted by people and be recognized? This helps build your own community not just online but offline as well.

There is not much money involved here in building an online community or even offline. Here are ways how:

  • You can engage in the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc.
  • You can even join in events, fundraising, charities, community activities and so much more for your offline marketing strategy.

You see, these do not involved a lot of money to be invested, as long as you know how.


Tip #6: Create the Right Logo and Name

To be recognized by your brand, it is very crucial that you get your company name right – you cannot afford to change your name and logo later as that costs a lot of money. One nice tip about a perfect name is to make it easily recognizable and should reflect what your business is about. Another thing is to make sure your name and logo appealing to your target audience/market.


Tip #7: Be an Active Advocate of Your Business

Selling comes in different forms and strategies. You are not required to be the best sales person to succeed in business, but being a brand advocate completes the whole package. You have to believe fully in your business 110%. If you are passionate about your business then be an advocate and not just sell and sell without any interest because money is what you are interested about.

Your Website Design can also be your Brand’s Voice.


Tip #8: Create Your Brand’s Voice

Make sure you have your own brand’s message across. If you are not sure how the voice should be, study other successful brands and understand how they greet and interact with their customers.


Tip #9: Reliability

Do you want to let your customers down? You can easily let your customers down by failing to deliver your customers’ expectations and failing to deliver what you promise as well as compromising the standards. For a small business, this is not good especially if you depend so much on referrals. Reliability or providing great service to your customers is what makes a trusted brand.

Bring Value to Your Business with having a great-looking website design that can be cheap.


Tip #10: Bring Value to Your Business

Bring value to your business – this should not be mistaken for the price. What value can you give to your customers? This helps determine how you can stand out from the rest. The value you can provide to your customers lies in how you can provide the best customer support, great products, top quality, or a combo – all these can help push your company to stand out from the rest.

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