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Ways in Properly Boosting the Shareability of Your Content


Content Shareability

There are two different purposes for writing content. First purpose is to help the webmaster in gaining visitor traffic and engagement. It helps in a website’s growth. As for the second purpose of content, it provides a source of information that they are looking for. So if you ever want to grow your website, it is time to help your content evolve.

Here are some ways in increasing the shareability of your contents and get as much targeted traffic in your website. In short, here are some tips in how you can motivate your visitors to share your contents with others and maximising your reach.

First thing you do before you write your content, you need to understand your audience – find out what they are looking for and where they are coming from (demographics). Knowing your target audience is crucial not only for conversion but also for brand engagement. You need to be the source of information that they can actually benefit from. Providing in-depth knowledge on the subject will help address questions they may have. This alone can get your content shared dramatically.

If you look closely, contents being shared online are all unique or catchy – perhaps that their title is an attention-grabber or has its own distinctive viewpoint that makes the article stands out. The content needs to be of this nature for the reader to feel compelled to spread around.

The next thing to have a compelling content, you need to ask yourself if the content is easily understood that a 7-year old can understand. What is a college-type essay and using fancy words? Do you think people would want to spend their time sitting through the article and finding what that word or phrase meant? If half of your article cannot be understood, then the content is not worth sharing. Tone of the content should also connect with your readers.

It is also advisable to use vocabulary that fits with your audience. So if an article is filled with really useful information and is delivered in a way that can be understood by many, then it will be shared. It’s just that simple.

Next is to be engaging with your readers and provide easy access for them to contact you in case they need to ask questions or make a follow-up. You make sure to return with answers in a friendly tone. The thing is, people do not really know the person writing the content and the possibility of getting the content shared does not give a guarantee. The best way is to invite your readers to share their thought or have them take part in your survey and make them really feel that their views count and that participating in such fact-finding or engagement would make them feel good and they in turn will help.

The other thing that you need to do in order to increase the shareability of your content is to settle on your writing style. You can either become the voice of reason or controversy or develop that style that it becomes your own personality and signature. You need to be consistent with your writing style.  You’ll soon learn that search engines will prioritise those websites with high quality content.

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