Brand Identity 101

Brand marketing is a buzz word that is often thrown around in marketing circles yet it is rarely ever explained in a way that businesses can actually implement. It is almost as if some marketers get a high off of using jargon and as if jargon gives them some sort of social proof that makes them feel like master marketers. Enough of useless terms and more information about how to implement marketing strategies that will build businesses’ brand identity. It is the goal of this article to provide the reader with useful and actionable information that is instantly beneficial.

Be Everywhere, Build Trust, Get A Name In The Game and Make More Money

The way to build your brand identity is to be everywhere that your customers will be. Sure that sounds impossible but this level of omnipresence is needed for building a brand that people who are interested in the services of your industry will instantly recognize and trust. As such, in today’s world that calls for owning the internet and maybe owning every local traditional source of marketing, that is if your budget will allow it, but in most cases owning the internet for search terms that potential customers will likely search is the golden goose of brand recognition.

The nuts in bolts of doing this over the internet is to have a website with great content that keeps people on you page and that is likely to be bookmarked and shared. The next thing you must do is to be the most useful personal in your industry on social media and that cause for sharing and creating dynamic content. After that you need to own youtube with on content videos that draw people in. We call this being the “answerman” for your industry and build trust and connections via all the content that you share and putting either a personality or a brand name in front of all of this content so that associate it with that figure.

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