Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Many internet marketers are discussing the latest planned Google algorithm change. Google recently announced on their blog that they would be implementing some changes to their algorithm so those sites that are mobile-friendly will be ranked higher than those that are not. This is quite a large update, as many websites right now are not mobile-friendly. Hence, here’s more detailed information about mobile-friendly Google algorithm changes.

The reasoning behind this update is the fact that almost half of those that browse the internet do so by using a mobile device. Hence, there has been an increasing amount of men and women who have been using search engine services through their mobile phones. This has prompted Google to update their algorithm so that they can accommodate this recent trend. By making “giving priority” to mobile-friendly websites, Google will be able to help those using their service on mobile phone find better websites that have been designed for mobile users.

Hence, it is highly recommended that anyone who is currently managing a website go ahead and ensure that their website is mobile-friendly. The upcoming website could very negatively affect any website that has not been updated and altered to be mobile-friendly. This could be particularly devastating for anyone who has large portfolio of online businesses that are not optimized for mobile usage. Indeed, with this update in site, many webmasters are scrambling to get all of their websites mobile optimized so that they do not get penalized in the upcoming update.

Taknig all these into account, the mobile-friendly Google algorithm changes that are coming up will mean that more internet marketers need to make sure their websites are optimised for mobile-friendliness. If they fail to do this, they will see losses in traffic and hence, see less profits.

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