Ways to Prevent Falling for Common SEO Scams and Scam Artists

Did you know that anybody can write a website’s metadata and optimise a website? Even you as a website owner with minimal to no technical experience can still optimise a website. There are not much programming skills you have to learn to be able to perform this task. Fortunately, in this present time, a lot of website programs prompt you for your Meta information and all you need to do is type in the words that you want to tag your pages and let the program code them for you. Sit is that simple and easy.

However, creating a valuable Meta data and properly optimizing a website do need some professional’s help especially in understanding how the search engine robots work. Just think, anybody can create their advertising script, but not all of these scripts are able to sell a product. They have to be an expert in understanding the minds of their target customers.

There is more to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) than just naming pages and assigning keywords and keyword phrases. It is a very crucial tool in advertising your website to robots and helps in getting your visitors to click through your website.

So if you are deciding to leave this job to the professionals, make sure you hire from a reputable and not just some SEO company that you’ll end up regretting. Here are some few things you need to watch out for to avoid hiring dodgy and unprofessional agencies and save you from investing your time and money on the wrong ones.

Red Flags to Watch Out For in a Dodgy SEO Company

  • Under or Overpriced Rates

Low quotes do not guarantee quality. Same goes for the price that is way high. Businesses that advertise in freelance sites are something that you need to be careful of. A company who has a strong reputation and credibility does not need to be in those websites.

  • Promising to Get the Site Indexed Within 48 Hours!

No reputable company can promise you to get the website indexed right away without even checking and auditing the website. They need to fully understand your market or niche, how your business flows and all other information that a seasoned SEO professional needs to know before making such promises.

  • Guaranteeing a Page Rank of N or on the top rank in a certain amount of time

Never do business with these people that promise a certain page rank in a short time frame. Run!

Just so you are aware, page ranking is done by Google periodically and not on a day-to-day basis. There is nothing else the SEO companies can do about it. To give you a ball park, it takes about some weeks or even months depending on other factors. So it is not possible that someone would say they can rank it within a short amount of time.

  • Beware of SEOs that claim they Can Submit Your Site to Thousands of Search Engines!

That will surely mean, it will not guarantee it will be submitted to relevant micro search engines that people use. That means, this is not worth the money you are paying for and it can bite you in the end. Dodgy sites can penalize your website.

  • Beware of unnecessary sites that are linking to your website

Don’t let just any website link to yours without knowing its relevancy and most of these sites can only end up hurting your ranking. Don’t build links too fast for the wrong sites as are they are likely to be considered as Blackhat SEO and can greatly damage your website’s credibility.

  • Avoid Dealing with Companies that Ask for any Copyrights to their SEO and Meta Information

Don’t do any business with these companies at all or that insisting to have the meta data they created and edited or even an analysis for you to be copyrighted because if you no longer need their services, they can legally ban you from using these meta data or asks you to strip your site. It is not worth the hassle and headache at all. Be careful also of state laws where you are dealing transactions with and check about copyrights, transfer of ownership and also “work for hire” agreements.

  • Monthly Fees in Optimising a Website

An experience professional that has ample experience and is knowledgeable and has the patience to assess the site, optimise and follow through the strategies has more effective results. SEO consultation takes a chunk of your investment, but if you aim to get quality work and real success from a reputable, it is worth every penny. For those offering flat rates or low-cost fees, it can get you a little bit somewhere or nowhere at all because analyses and optimisation takes a lot of time if you want to have them do things right.

If you do not have enough budget set aside to have someone do it, then you try to learn it yourself and you’d probably do a better job doing it on your own than a fly-by-night SEO company.

  • Avoid Dealing with SEO Companies that Will Not Answer Your Questions

Some companies will try to talk over or talk down on you to prove that they are smarter than you or make you look dump and stupid. Just pack your stuff and head out of the door to look for another one. You can ask questions and make sure where your money is going. A good SEO company takes time in answering your questions, addressing them accordingly, set up goals and expectations.

If a company says we cannot divulge you our company secret, don’t bother. SEO is no secret. Everything is laid out online. There is no trade secret.

  • We Know Somebody

If these SEO companies claim that they have an inside contact to Google or claimed that they know the Google’s secret that no other SEO people know, think twice before dealing with them. In fact, doubt it. All employees working with the search engine company are bound to their confidentiality agreements and to have them blab about it can send them straight to jail. A good SEO company can stand on their own reputation.

  • Unsolicited Offers

A lot of spammers uses spiders to crawl for a list of URLs and email addresses and whenever you get an unsolicited email offer and claims to have checked and audited your website, and then offers help with a deal to offer, you need to leave the email and put it where it belongs – trash or spam.

  • Threats and Extortion Campaigns

evil seo companiesDodgy SEO companies threaten to sabotage your website if you let them go or not let them SEO for you. This is what actually happened to my client. He once employed the services of a SEO company and once he transferred as he was no longer interested with their services plus their sky-high rates with not much results as promised (let’s say they cannot deliver what they promised him), they went behind his back and asked Google to penalize his website. They controlled most of his SEO accounts. Indeed, we found out about it and he was still billed by the previous company even if he already terminated their services and hurt his website’s rankings and visibility.

Good thing my team was able do some brainstorming and we changed his website’s platform and properly implemented proper optimisation of its pages. A professional SEO company will not destroy what they have tried to build up for over the years and if their services are no longer needed, they’ll let it go and hope that the next SEO would perform better.

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