Web maintenance is very important if you want to keep your away from becoming dormant. A dormant website is worse than boring; it is the same as being useless. Why do you want to have one if you don’t want to keep it updated, right? You’d only lose visitors.

So when it comes to website maintenance, you need to continuously update your website with fresh contents, make sure they are free from errors such as broken links, bad coding, alignment is off and such to maintain that your website is in high position in the search engines. There are 7 crucial website maintenance tips that you need to be aware of and we will discuss them one-by-one.

Broken Link Check

If a website has broken links, it can be very annoying to your visitors and they end up closing your website and clicking to somewhere else. That’s a way to lose potential clients or customers. There may also have been links of businesses that once linked to your site and have now been closed down, can also factor in having broken links. The advisable thing for you to do is do a monthly check of your website for any broken links.

You wouldn’t want to get your site dropped in the major search engines, would you? That’s probably what you are wondering – why your site has been dropped in the search engines. Try to evaluate your website from any broken link issues.

Our next tip will be discussed in our next post. Would you like to take a guest as to what are the rest of the factors that you need to focus on in website maintenance? Stay tuned.

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