Clean HTML Codes

We have previously discussed our first website maintenance strategy out of the seven that we will be tackling. Let’s do a short review just to make sure you are following our previous discussion. Why do we need to keep an updated website? You might think that you have been operating your business for years and not updating the website, can get your more results? You’d end up losing any potential clients.

The reason why you have a website is to leverage your target market as well as maximise your audience. You want to be seen and reach out to as many potential clients and be able to at least take 10% of these prospects into your customers.

So, aside from checking your website from any broken links, the second is writing correct and clean html codes. Html errors can greatly affect in a negative way towards your website rankings. Placing header tags (as an example) in an improper order, can greatly affect your web page’s search rankings.

Search engines read keyword-rich texts as an attribute of the paragraph tag and when there is a tag that is misplaced or not in order, it will be ignored, thus missing the opportunity to gain some points in the search engine rankings.

To be sure that your website has the codes in place, you can visit to help you clean up any html errors.

Stay tuned for our third website maintenance tip. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send us any comments.

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