Part three

Back to our top 7 important website maintenance strategies, let’s recall our first one – checking for broken links. You know how important it is to clean your site for any broken links both for the visitors on your website and also on the search engines.

Now the second one is, proper HTML coding. This is the second important thing when we are talking about website maintenance. Never under-estimate a site with bad coding where there are missing closing tags or tags that is missing the closing bracket as this is the most common issue.

Now, our third important strategy when it comes to website maintenance is adding fresh contents. Did you know that search engines are more likely to “crawl” your website if the content on your web pages is regularly updated or changed? They will love your site and one more thing, do not just put there any content just for the sake of having your site updated, but content that is engaging and provides more value to the readers.

An excellent way is to add fresh and engaging article on your website on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Don’t think that you have a website and you have all pages populated, that you are fine – you need to keep it up with the readers and the search engines. That way, you add more value to your website as well as you become a source of information.

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