E-commerce Maintenance

In an eCommerce website, building and launching should be an on-going process – so you will have to set aside time or perhaps designate somebody to handle other maintenance tasks.

Updating and Refreshing Your Website

The product offers in your online shop changes over a period of time depending on what you want to offer. So, it is expected that prices, product description, product name and picture may change. Considering these things, you do need to continuously update and refresh your eCommerce website.

Making Corrections

For any broken links, grammar or spelling errors on your website, or if there are any out-of-date information, they need to be replaced or updated soon. You cannot afford to keep them long enough for your website because you will lose out on prospects as well as get penalised by Google.

SSL and On-Going Security Protection

Since you are dealing with payments, you need to be on top of continuous threats from hackers, scams, viruses, bugs and other security risks. Avoid anything that might threaten your website’s security. Make sure to take precautionary measure to help in dealing with them.

New Opportunities

With the social media and other mobile internet devices can help increase the chances for your ecommerce – in promoting your products online. You need to open your website to new ways in selling your products and services.

SEO Maintenance

You are well-aware that SEO is constantly changing and you need to be on top of things so you don’t get left out by your competitions. As part of your on-going site maintenance, your website needs to be updated with relevant tagging for certain search terms to improve your chances of getting found on the search engines.

So who does the maintenance work?

This can be your webmaster or a website professional, especially if you do not have time to do it yourself.  If your website is based on an eCommerce content management system (CMS), it is much better as it offers a more straightforward approach in addressing these needed updates.

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