Your Best Employee

Just image that you are managing two employees, both of these employees exceeded your job qualifications – on paper, they are really excellent.

However, in practice, one of your employees consistently impresses you with his/her performance while the other is just there and just interested in punching the clock.

Your outstanding employee represents your business well – answering phone calls cordially and in a professional manner, creating systems or policies that is beneficial to his/her own as well as the whole company, help in improving standards, as well as selling more of your products or services than you could ever imagine. On the contrary, your other employee will just ignore company standards, creates more unnecessary work for the rest of the company, annoys your customers and will take no ownership or responsibility over the job.

Facing this dilemma, what would you do?

Of course, you’d be fast to fire this other employee that costs you a lot of headache!

We all know that this bad employee can damage business relationships towards your partners and customers alike misrepresent your company’s vision as well as costing you a lot of money. Just like the bad employee, a website can be that.

So why did you let your website punch the clock?

The sad truth is, there are a lot of businesses that have websites that are just punching the clock – misrepresenting the vision of their business, damage relationships to potential and existing clients as well as costing money.

Of course we understand that there is no perfect website, as there is no perfect employee.  However, there are ways to help make your website serve its purpose and be that outstanding employee.  The main thing you need to understand here is that your website needs to work even if you are not working.

A website is open 24/7 especially when you are online. Your website has to be working even if you are out to lunch, sleeping or spending time with your family. Say, if you are not posting anything new on your website, does it still get traffic? Or if you have not launched any new product, does it still close sales? Or if you don’t answer your emails, does the website provide your visitors the answers?

Well, here is what you should be expecting for a great website employee:

  1. Be able to provide answers to typical questions – this is where the FAQ comes in.
  2. Direct customers where they want to go without any hassles
  3. Makes suggestions accordingly.
  4. Follows the dress code – the design should represent the business.
  5. Tells the story of your business – more than just answering questions or closing sales. The website should make the customer feel like they are part of the family.

So now, it is time to take a step back and do some assessment of your website and ask yourself, does your website serve its purpose to your business or does it need a disciplinary action as it is just one of those punch the clock employees?

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