Now let’s have another quick review of the first 3 important website maintenance tips that you need to understand – and is crucial in helping your website to rank and get found.  The first one is checking your website for any broken links – both internal and external links. Remember that a broken link or two within your site can cause search engine bots to stop crawling your site and leaving it in the back burner if at all being queued.

The second important website maintenance strategy is writing correct and clean HTML codes. If you are not sure if your lines of code has missing “</>” or tags, then you can use an HTML validator such as Having messy lines of codes in your coding can also cause the search engines bots to drop crawling and indexing your website – therefore, another lost opportunity to get traffic and be found.

The third and ever important is adding fresh contents – either daily, weekly or bi-weekly (as recommended). Now you understand its importance in the search engines – so, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity because your website just don’t have what it takes to be included in the search rankings.

Obtain Incoming Links

Now, our fourth important website maintenance tip is to get incoming links to your website. Are you aware that search engines use linking to create a network of linked sites? The more sites that are linking to your website will help determine how popular your website is. Websites that has a few links do not usually pass in the search engines, but to have your website linked from related sites that already rank well or have a large volume of users visiting, is a big plus.

Finding links to build your site up is an on-going strategy and needs to be maintained in order to push your web rankings in the search engines.

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