Marketing Trends for Businesses

A lot of entrepreneurs and website owners are wondering how the recent online developments can affect their marketing plans for this year. They need to realize that everything is all about the content – including the video content.  So we have written down the top 10 marketing trends for 2015.

  1. Content Marketing

We all know that content is king, so you need to optimise your content for searches , mobile accessibility, reaching out to influencers as well as building relationships with reputable publications.

  1. Social Media Marketing

This is one of the most important channels for content marketing distribution. The best way to leverage and use social media is to increase your organic and paid advertising with these networks.

  1. Ad Marketing

It will become important when both publishers and advertisers come together to make sure that paid contents add value for its consumers or clients.

  1. Consistency in Content Marketing

We all know that content marketing has become the big player for ranking in the search engines, so having a consistent strategy is very important.

  1. Higher Budget for Content Marketing

When it comes to fees and budgets for content marketing, it’s going to be an all-time high because it will include reports, videos, whitepapers, testimonials, syndicating contents, email marketing and ebooks.  Marketers need to spend money in distribution alone.

  1. Guest Blogging

Who says guest blogging is dead? It might have a bad rapport last year, but it is now back on demand. A lot of people will be using valuable content to be able to reach out more to their audience.

  1. Mobile Technology

We need to adapt to it as it is going to be here to stay. There will be a lot of micro-content that’s going to be generated for specific devices. Certain devices like the Apple Watch can help drive a “new content ecosystem”, as what Sweta Patel mentions.

  1. Engaging Email Marketing

Who is not tired of getting spammy emails? Now, email marketers need to focus on building relevant and engaging contents to move or get the subscribers going. Remember, they subscribe to your site because they find you of value and if they get only spammy contents in your email, they are more likely to unsubscribe instead of engage themselves.

  1. Opportunities for Contents in the Virtual World

Marketing has gone into the virtual world and there will be a lot of interesting opportunities in it for content marketers.

  1. Video-Centric Content Marketing

We have to realize that video marketing will always be here to stay and a lot of the businesses are creating videos for reputation and branding purposes as well as to gain more traffic.

So now that we have these top 10 trends, what are your thoughts?  As a marketer, you need to focus on a great video content and make sure to keep tabs in your calendar for your weekly distribution and be sure to add some micro-content in it.

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