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Do you own a website? If not, here’s a newsflash for you:

We live in a profoundly online culture with easy access to information. It is fast becoming clear that your online presence now serves as a kind of business card for businesses across different industries.

However, many small to medium Australian businesses have not quite caught up to this digital explosion and find themselves lagging behind. “Are you one of these companies missing out on the powerful benefits of owning a website?”

The hard truth of the matter is businesses that have not launched a website are not as likely to survive the stiff competition. If your sales are going downhill, it could be because your competition is tapping your market with their online presence.

Not quite convinced? According to the The Age, online retail sales are expected to rapidly grow over the next five years, double their current penetration, as more consumers take the plunge on online shopping for the first time.
When we say online presence, we mean the whole package. Having a website without a social profile used to be enough – but not anymore. In the beginning of 2014, roughly 81% of small businesses were using social media and it works. It’s time for your business to join them.

Build Trust

How often do you conduct research before you purchase a product or service –whether it’s a new appliance, new software, or even a book? Having a website allows consumers to learn more about your business and gives them a sense of comfort.

A Weebly survey found that 56% of consumers will not trust a business that doesn’t have a website.

Grow Your Market

Word of mouth can only take you so far. People these days search the Internet and choose a business that looks legitimate and credible. If you aren’t there, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to gain customers for life.

Market Your Products/Services

Bring all of your customers back to your website where you can promote deals/offers in coupons, your hot item of the week, or just by showing them what they will get when they choose your company. Compared to traditional marketing, owning a website is less expensive and more effective in the long run.

What’s The Cost of Owning a Website?

A lot of small and medium businesses resist the idea of getting their own website with the misguided notion it is too expensive. With WebRight, you can get your own online presence up and running for as low as $1000!

For years, our team has helped businesses establish their online presence and grow their business using their website as their leverage. You too can have a 24/7 storefront, which will cost you less than the monthly salary of one of your employees!

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