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Effective E-mail Marketing Tips for Businesses


Effective E-mail Marketing Tips for Businesses

Strategic online marketing can be an effective and low cost way to let people know you and your business exist.  For small businesses, e-mail marketing can be a stepping stone to help your business grow. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your e-mail marketing campaign.

Gather e-mail addresses and create a database

Effective e-mail marketing starts with a big list of e-mail addresses. You need to be constantly looking for opportunities to grow your list. How”

  • Have your visitors register on your website.

Encourage visitors to register on your website by offering discounts, newsletters and special offers.  Of course whenever a customer buys a product from you, you will need their email address.

  • Have a forum section for your website

Forums are great way to increase your database. This is an area where you can discuss the needs and problems of your customers, by providing how-to’s and FAQ’s.  When customers want to comment or ask a question, they will need to enter their email address.

  • Require e-mail confirmation for Blog comments

Before commenting on your blog post, make sure that commenters will be prompted to confirm their e-mail address.

  • Encourage people to post or e-mail a review, comment and suggestions about your company

Aside from adding e-mail addresses to your list, these reviews, comments and suggestions about your company can help you build confidence in your products and service and improve on your offerings.

Assess Your E-mail Marketing Campaign

Before you send your newsletters, e-commerce sales, daily deals or weekly tips, make sure to assess and test your e-mail marketing campaign. Make sure that everything is perfect including design, content and your e-mail marketing list. These are important to let people know that you’re that company and this is your brand. Try sending your e-mails to a test address  before sending it to your list.

After your assessment, gather data by using applications, metrics and analytics. These data will be your key for improvements for your e-mail marketing.

Relevant Content for your Clients and Audience

Content needs to be interesting and relevant. Your email is competing with many others in your customer’s inbox, so it needs to stand out to them.

Send your E-mails at the Best Time Possible

Try to schedule your e-mail campaigns at the most appropriate time and day. Research on the times that have better conversion rates, and adjust for when people read their e-mails.

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