Do You Know Your Bounce Rate?

Bounce rates tell you a lot about what your customer thinks about your site. Is your site getting the traffic it needs and have these traffic converted? The ratio of your site visit and conversion can be shown through your site’s bounce rates and let me tell ‘ya, it ain’t good to see a high bounce rate on your site.

You see, bounce rate tells you how long your visitors visit your site. The high the bounce rate, the more it tells that you may have traffic, but your visitors are not spending a lot of time in checking your site out – in short, they get away from your site and not to be seen again. There goes your sales and believe me, no business owner wants to lose out on any sales!

The first thing you have to think is how visitors would see your site. What do they expect to see, what message you want to give them, information to bring or what you want to sell them. They need to connect to your site and be able to find the information right away.

First Impressions Last

This holds true. First time visitors and for anybody visiting your site, how they perceive your site and how you are able to impress them to make a lasting mark in their minds can go a long way and can make or break your business.

If you make a great impression on the visitors, it is highly likely they will visit your site again and even refer to friends. So you need to make a good impression on your site. If your site needs to be redesigned to have a better impression to your visitors, then so be it. Do not leave your site like it is if it could not hold a good impression to your visitors. Your goal is to sell and convert your passing visitors to customers or clients.

Giving Your Visitors a Reason to Come Back

When you made a great impression of your site, then it gives your visitors a reason to come back.

Your website has a lot of potential and it is high time you make use of these potentials to get optimal value and performance out of it and bring you better conversions and sales for your business. That’s why you need to website maintenance to reach the optimal and working status of your website either for personal or a business website.

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