Mistakes Website Designs

Take heed on these website design sins. It is time to take a closer look at your site and get advice on how to turn your visitors into shoppers, especially for those with e-commerce platforms.

When is the best time to bring some pizzazz on your website? Actually there is no set time, but anytime especially when you think your site needs a complete overhaul or just some tidying up – your site can benefit from the thorough make-over!

There are 4 fatal mistakes website designers make that you might need to know and be aware of that can kill your sales. These mistakes can be easily overlooked, but they can greatly affect your site especially in your sales. To be safe, it is safe to simplify your website design to better improve the effectiveness and get the profits rolling.

Just remember this simple rule of thumb: Simplify!

Mistake #1: Designers try to dazzle the customers instead of making the site sell.

This is actually very common. Though it is understandable that you as the business owner, you want your site to be eye-catching as possible, but… If eye-catching to you is adding flashy graphics and animation effects just to capture your visitor’s attention, then you are on the wrong track! Although having flashy graphics and animations can capture the attention of your visitors, but it doesn’t help you what you want your visitors to focus on and that is the value of your product! You’ll only end up distracting them.

The best thing is not to confuse your visitors and use graphics to support the main purpose of your site and that is to help people to buy what you sell – may it be your service or certain products.

Mistake #2: Making your site way too large

This means that you are building massive, multipage sites that can take ages to load. Your thought of having more to make things better is a wrong notion especially when it comes to website designing.  Did you know that about 30-60% of visitors go away from your site every time they are made to click more from your site; keep your site as streamlined as possible – that is if you reach real profits and realizing its true potential.

 When you try to improve your site, try to reduce the number of pages as much as possible. If there are only a few products you are selling, include them in your homepage. Keep in mind that every click can lose your sales. Why do you have to make your visitors click on a separate page if you only have less than 10 products to sell?

For those with large product list, try to showcase them in categories in your front page or your best-selling products.

Also, it is advisable to reduce the files you place on every page on your website because the more files you page has, the longer it takes for your page to load especially if you have got large graphics on them. A mental note – you only have 10 seconds to really grab your visitor’s attention.

Mistake #3:  Having a confusing navigation

If you notice some websites have a lot of confusing navigation and your typical reaction when you get lost would be to get out of there. You need to apply that to your website – keep your navigation as simple as possible. A lot of these website designers hide links under their icons or images, but the visitors do not know these links are there unless they have their mouse hover over the graphics. It may be a clever tactic, but does it help your visitors find what they are looking for? Certainly not!

If you happen to notice, too that some website designers scatter their navigation bars in other sections of your site or try to change the navigation bars, it can only result to confusion from your visitors. You see, you can associate navigation bars to traffic signs – the consistent you are the better it is for visitors to understand and receive effective results. Keep only simple and easy to follow navigations and layout.

Mistake #4: Pushing Important Information Deep Inside Your Website

This is mostly and often times overlooked. You might think that adding a lot of contents especially in your homepage that are unnecessary in making your site convert? Not exactly – people do not like to keep digging too deep within your site just to find the information they are looking for. People are impatient – and that’s a given. So burying important information can just lead you to lose out on sales.

Keep only important points; remember you only have 10 seconds to grab your visitor’s interest, so any time-wasting efforts would just help you lose out on sales and conversions.

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