10 Essential Things Your E-Commerce Site Should Have

When it comes to shopping, you would think it is always a woman’s thing. But you know what, it’s not anymore! There are stores online that caters to a lot of people especially with gadgets, which can make any man glued on the computer screen for hours. Other web stores offer products for kids, parents and teenagers.

Generally speaking, these websites, which we will clearly termed as e-commerce websites are engaging with customers and are ready to sell. In these days, shopping is no longer considered as a niche market which is aimed only on the small audience.

It is understood that the system or platform works, so we will talk about how to take advantage of a great e-commerce site. What are the essential things you need to consider for a successful e-commerce site?

Although there are no set or standard features to better design options to help in guaranteeing the success of your online shop, but here are some tips that are crucial to making your e-commerce site desirable to potential customers and should not be ignored.

Main Goals We Need to Set:

  1. Make your online shop sell
  2. Show what the advantages of your products are if they buy from you
  3. Make your visitors trust you

Create a Clear Logo

Having a clear and remarkable logo serves as a business card for startup shops, small businesses or branded stores. Having a recognisable logo helps in reassuring the symbol and serves as an element of trust of the company or business.

Offering Deals, Freebies and Free Shipping

It helps a customer to decide quickly when they like a website or not – and a decision can be done in a matter of seconds when they look into a site that offers deals, freebies and free shipping. If your site does not offer any of these, they will just continue searching for the next site that offers the same product with better deals. So, why don’t you think about this for your site?

Announcements, News and Popular Products Display

It helps buyers what the product is about – any news, sales period or any upcoming events can help buyers in making decisions and also adding trust to your website. You can place this section in your homepage – make it easier for them to locate these or if you have hot offers and a sale, inform them in the front page of your site.

Branded Products

A lot of customers do not need to take any second guessing when it comes to a specific product they’re after.  If you have eye-catching and interesting offers that are readily accessible, then by all means post them on your homepage. It gives a big difference to those that have a huge product catalogue.

Say, if you have branded items that are on sale, why not display them on the front page? It’s definitely a huge attention grabber!

Shopping Cart, Login and Search Box

A shopping cart, login and search boxes are key features in stays always together in every e-commerce site or platform.

Payment Gateways

E-commerce deals with different customers each with their own payment gateways. There may be technical limitations to certain payment options in different countries, that is why it is very crucial that you clarify your payment options in advance.

Social Media Links

Did you know that an estimated 20% of online purchases are due to social media sites? Social media websites play a huge role when it comes to product announcements and getting the latest information. You can count this an excellent way of self-promotion.

Customer Support Options

If you have an online shop, it helps you if customers have an option to contact you or any representative of your store in case of concerns, questions or anything else. This builds trust and give customers assurance when they purchase your products.  You can provide 24/7 hotlines, chat support and any form of customer service features.

Store Finder

Some e-commerce sites have a store finder tab option especially if they have several local or national branches.  Some customers prefer checking the actual store if they are accessible in their area.

Creating Trustmarks

Trustmarks are actually just small images or logos that show the customer a security guarantee via an external party, which tells them that it is safe to shop on the site. Most US-based e-commerce sites have the Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo to create trust with the customers. Those that do not have that trustmark make the customer questions the security of the site, especially when making any purchases.

Apart from all these essential tips, you need to have a clear design of your online shop with detailed product descriptions and provide as much as possible, user reviews if you want a better online reputation.

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