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February 4, 2015
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Targeting Customer’s Mid-Brains to Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s Success


Targeted for Success

This is for businesses that allow direct purchases of their products and services through their website – this is what we call e-commerce sites.

Typically, when making a decision, we tend to want to do them right away – having that instant gratification. Based on a study, most online retailers are rushing to deliver good faster than ever as well as applying technical innovations to focus on allowing the customers to get their products immediately.  This has become the norm these days. Not that it is bad, but this is what the customer desires – to get or receive their purchases immediately.

So, why does this matter to your business?

Tapping into your customer’s deep desires for instant gratification can play an important role in establishing a sound reputation online and to get loyal customers in the future.

You think this can be a daunting task? Not really! You’d be surprised how easy it is when you understand the psyche of a customer’s brain. This is something that most business overlook.

Here is How You Can Achieve That

You as a business owner need to work with your web agency to make sure that your website engages visitor’s brains in a certain way as soon as they arrive to your site.

  • Gratify or please the brain
  • Instant gratification is important to a happy shopping
  • Use words to activate the mid-brain where it works during the engagement process such as: FREE, New, Instantly, Immediately and Fast
  • Follow-up with the promise you make

Being able to feel as a customer, an instant gratification can satisfy the problem-solving urgency for your customers. So trigger words should allow your customers to feel good when buying a product or service from you as long as you follow-up after that.

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