It’s been a while since we last made an update on the blog and we haven’t finished yet on the 7 crucial website maintenance strategies. Let’s do a little recap.

Our first strategy was checking for any broken links within your website. And I am sure you are well-aware of its importance why you need to address these broken link issues for your site. The second one is having a correct and clean HTML coding. Next is to provide fresh contents regularly. Don’t think that once you have contents in your website, you are good to go.

The fourth is to obtain incoming links to your website – search engines also factors our websites with links to a site that are coming from authority websites. And our fifth one is all about monitoring your website rankings. Mind you, you wouldn’t want to just rank your website to just any keywords – even if it is no longer relevant to your website would you?

Analyze Web Copy

So now that we are on our sixth strategy, it is all about web copy. Having a great content on the website is important. How would you evaluate your website if you are getting a lot of hits or visitors but it is not converting? Then you need to look further – your web content could be the culprit. You need to try rewriting your content and write it in a customer’s point of view. With that being said, you need to focus on the benefits of your products/services – ask yourself as a customer visiting the site, “what’s in it for me?”

Sometimes changing a few lines could do the trick and see how the percentage of conversion goes up. Or sometimes it takes a little bit of a different perspective to push some positive results on your website strategy.

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