Track your website’s statistics to monitor progress

Now, our last but not least important website maintenance strategy is all about tracking website statistics. Now, you might be wondering why this is important. This is important so you’ll be able to monitor the number of visits to your website and to which page they go to, demographics and the keywords that they use to arrive to your website.

This information gives you a good idea if your website performs the way you want them and its visibility in the search engines. If the site performance is not at par with your expectations, then you need to optimise the pages that target alternative keywords to be able to help you increase the number of visitors and with the help of a compelling content, can convert these visits into sales or leads.

A careful website maintenance plan helps in ensuring that it performs in its optimum level especially if you want to increase your conversion rate and not just hits.

If you are unsure on how to perform these strategies, seek the help of a reputable website maintenance company in your area. Beating and staying ahead of your competition needs some help from professionals as they have the keen eye for a better performing website.

Keep this check list handy, a recap on all that we have discussed is the following:

  1. Checking for broken links
  2. Proper and clean HTML coding
  3. Get fresh contents regularly
  4. Get incoming links
  5. Monitor your website’s keyword rankings
  6. Evaluate your web copy
  7. Track your website’s statistics to monitor progress

So there you go… do you have other points to share in this list? Contact us now so we can add and acknowledge your input.

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