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Did you know that the most effective and has always been the best method in b2b lead generation is outbound prospecting? A lot of businesses have used a mix of cold email marketing and cold calling to get the best results. Comparing the two – cold calling and cold email marketing, emailing is found out to have the highest ROI due to the fact that it is low cost for delivery.

In fact, according to some studies, emailing had a hundred times better in generating ROI than a direct mail. So here are the top strategies on how to get results when you do cold emails.


When you say drip marketing, the content of the email is not a sales pitch of their products and services, but more of a resource for the recipients, which can ultimately lead to getting their interest on the services or products.

Most businesses send out their newsletters around 2-4 times in a month to their email lists and these newsletters typically include quality content and more of a source of information of their industry.


A lot of the businesses send out email blasts in their email list for a certain target market. As a rule, you’ll generate more success if you email your list three to four times within the duration of 5-7 weeks. The thing with cold blasts is that these suggest keeping the email short and personal.

You know for a fact that no one has any time to read a long email these days and you have about 5 seconds of their time to get in this one call-to-action. A personalized email would make the recipient felt as if it was targeted for them and they are more likely to think that it is something that can greatly benefit them.

Another strategy that is not a drip strategy is through referrals – that’s without the “salesy” pitch and can lead to a huge increase in conversions.

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