New service from Google?

What is this? Have you heard the news lately? An anonymous reader wrote about it and said in his article that ads fund most sites on the web, which is exactly true. Other sites have place pay walls or created subscription bonuses with different success.

We do know that Google is the Internet’s biggest ad providers and that they saw a problem with having the readers manage subscriptions for all sites they visit. Sometimes one would realize that subscriptions can have more trouble than it’s worth. Also, since only a few people would ever sign up, subscription fees tend to be too high.

So with this in mind, Google has launched a new service called the Contributor to resolve this problem.

The question now is how does this “Contributor” works? From the information gathered, websites and readers can opt into a service – much like Imgur, ScienceDaily and The Onion. If you are familiar about any of these sites, then you might find it worthwhile. Readers only have to pay a fee of around $1-3 monthly. Don’t worry; you get to choose how much you pay and to be able to gain an ad-free access to any participating sites. So that when a user visits to one of the sites, instead of getting a Google ad, Google will just send the website a small chunk of subscription money.

Saves readers the headache and gives the reader hassle-free from all these Google ads displaying within a content of a site or somewhere where it gets too distracting. Don’t you think it’s time that Google should have done this some time ago? Got to hand it to Google though, they really try to give the user some convenience and ease on the web.

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