Billions of search queries per month worldwide from internet users searching for everything from A to Z. But search engines to show your website high enough in the results to get you business, you’ll need to conduct proper keyword research to determine what are most relevant keywords for your business and products.

So what exactly is keyword research? How does it help businesses to create traffic for their website?

Keyword research is the process of researching and choosing keywords or keyword phrases that users are likely  to search that directs them to your business or certain products or services on your website. For example, you offer repair services for automatic transmissions in Melbourne. It would make sense that someone would be search for “Automatic transmission repairs Melbourne” to  find your business. However, they may also search for “Automatic transmission” or “Automatic Transmission [suburb name]”  or ‘Auto transmission” or “ Automatic transmission service” and so on.  There will be more than one useful keyword or keyphrase, however the one which will bring the most traffic is not always obvious.  And it’s not as simple as getting the selection right, without properly “Optimising” your SEO content or website content, the given keyword or keyphrase would have little chance of ranking highly on major search engines.

Importance of keyword research

Quality traffic and leads depend on how keyword research is done. Until you know and work on the most effective keywords or keyword phrases for the optimisation of your website, your website is unlikely to show up in the first few pages of search engine results.   When you are searching for a product to buy, how many pages of the search results do you look at?  The first page, maybe the second?

In addition to ensuring that you are optimising your site with the most effective key words and key phrases, you need to ensure that you are not optimising with words which attract people who are not really interested in your products.  Using Keywords that don’t properly reflect your products or services (for example by using vague terms or descriptions that can apply to several products) can direct traffic to your website, but not the people who are really looking for your service or product. This can be frustrating for both the user and the website owner (High traffic without leads).  This creates what is called a high ‘bounce rate’ for your site, as people leave the site quickly when it is obvious that you do not sell what they are looking for.  Google and other search engines measure your site’s bounce rate and if it appears too high, then your site will be ranked lower in the results. So you will have a short period of high traffic without leads or conversions, followed by low traffic.


How to conduct a proper keyword research

Using tools for your keyword campaign can help you conduct keyword research. Here are some examples of the tools webmasters use:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords’ keyword tool
  • Word Tracker’s Free Keyword Demand tool
  • SEMrush (Paid)
  • Moz SEO

These tools can give you information about how many searches are performed using the terms you type in, and a lot of other information which is very useful in determining which keywords and key phrases are worth concentrating on.

In conducting keyword research, pay attention to the  “Keyword Difficulty” of each set of keywords to be used. This gives an indication of how difficult it will be to rank your site highly in the major search engines using that keyword. The higher the popularity of a keyword, the harder it will be to rank  highly for that keyword. For example if you choose the keyword “Machinery Australia”, thousands of businesses are using that keyword and it will therefore be difficult to rank. However, if we use a more specific term, for example “Machinery Sales Melbourne”, this will narrow down the competition between businesses, and it will be easier to rank highly for that term . Tip: Try to focus on keywords that have high density in volume and low competition.  There are other factors which also affect the difficulty to rank, and many of these are also shown in the various tools.   It can be quite a task to think of all the different terms that people might use to look for your products and then consider how many other people are using that term, and all the other factors which affect their value, but spending the time to get that right in the first place will have a huge impact on your success.


How do I know if I am winning the battle?

Using Google Analytics, you can identify if you are successful in your campaign if the Bounce Rate has decreased. Of course,  if the traffic you are receiving from your website converts into leads and sales then this is the best indication. Sometimes, lower traffic can actually be a good thing, if it means that all the traffic you are getting are actually interested customers, as you will have  a higher conversion rate per visitor.   If your SEO content is being shared throughout the internet especially on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc then you are also winning.

Keyword research is important and if you can’t do it because of your busy schedule, we can do it for you. Don’t hesitate to call us today at WebRight. We offer professional SEO services for your business, and can take the headache out if it for you.

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