According to Google, 73 percent of all online search queries relate to local searches. Consumers turn to local searches to learn about businesses or services available in their area and to determine which of them will be worth visiting, either physically or online. Taking advantage of this opportunity to grow within your locality and develop your local search strategy in order to beat the competition  is important in your quest for online growth.   

Where to start?

Optimising your Google Local Listing is a great way to start your local search strategy. These listings, along with other local directories, will feature your local SERPs on popular search engines and will bring in potential customers to your business.

Your listing should have the following elements

  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone number)
  • Consistent Categories
  • Rich Content
  • Customer Reviews
  • Links

What Do People Search Locally?

If we are to put ourselves in the shoes of potential clients, what valuable information would  they look for about your business? Here’s your answer:

  • Opening Time
  • Directions
  • Store Information
  • Number to call
  • Link to Website (which will then tell them about your products and services)

Common Issues with local landing pages

After searching for the product or service they need locally, a person will check if the business they have found has a website. If you have a website, a great first impression will keep your buyer on your site longer. Make sure your website is informative, inviting and inspiring.

Some of these landing pages are lacking with important information, like:

  • Basic Store Information
  • CTA’s or Call to Action
  • Click to call buttons
  • Clear Links to E-commerce services
  • Social Media Buttons

Mobile Friendly Stores

With the increase in use of smartphones, mobile optimisation is even more important for local businesses. Many users are now browsing on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere and making your website mobile friendly will definitely change your business.  How many times have you given up on a site because it’s too hard to  use on your mobile device?  Don’t let your business lose sales this way.  Use this link to confirm if your website is mobile friendly.

Other things to remember:

Your NAP details should be consistent and linked to your store page to make the process easier for your clients. Raise your website awareness by guiding potential clients to the information they are looking for in terms of high-quality content and proper keyword research.

If you are looking for Local SEO services, don’t hesitate to call WebRight Australia.  We can help you with local search and all other aspects of SEO.

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