A high conversion rate is the foundation of having high sales volume for your website. The question is: how can you maximise your conversion rate? For example, your goal is to have a 20% sales increase, how would you do it? Do you try more content marketing? Or Advertising using PPC?

There are some methods available to increase your conversion rate while spending less money on advertisements.  Here are some tips:

Creating a clear value proposition

Ask yourself this question:  why should a customer buy from me? Some marketing specialists try to improve their websites using the elements of font colors, shapes, designs and images. While it is important to set the right first impression with your site, the  most important part is strengthening your value proposition for your customers.

Examples of good propositions are:

  • Differentiation from your competitors’ offer or product;
  • You can match all your competitors’ offers but excel in one element.

Having a clear value proposition isn’t always enough, you need to effectively communicate with your clients to achieve optimal results.

Trust Value

Trust is very important in a business and client/customer relationship, and in converting traffic into sales within your website. But how do you earn the trust of a potential client?

  • Make it easy for clients to verify information on your site

Clients tend to read the review section of your site to help them decide if they are going to buy from you. Credibility can be provided by third party support by using citation testimonials, articles from well-known publications, source materials, etc.

  • Highlight the expertise within your organisation

Do you have experts on your team? Show-off their credentials on your website for potential clients to see. If you are part of an organisation, make it clear to people that you are affiliated with them (eg Better Business Bureau).

  • Make it easy to contact your company

On your website, make sure that your contact details are posted everywhere and follow the consistent NAP (Number, Address, Phone) on everything you post on social media, listings on directories, etc.

  • Update your site more often

If you want people to come back to your website, a great news or article page provides value to clients and also assists with SEO. Find the time to write about the latest news about your company. Show people how you work on video blog, post informative infographic pictures and recent photos of you and your employees.

Value Communication

A common mistake is made when business owners don’t provide enough information about what they are selling or the services they offer to potential clients.

For example:

Recliner Chair for Sale

Color: Blue

Weight: 350lbs

Description: All weather steel frame to resist rust and corrosion. Multiple reclining positions for customised comfort.

Price: $150


Would you pay for it? What are the other things we missed about the chair? To increase the sales value of the product, we need to put in as much information much as possible. For example, add the materials used, manufacturer’s warranty, shipping cost, etc.

Compare your website to your competitors

Have you seen the websites of your competitors? If not, check them out. Based on studies, people compare products from different companies before buying. Seldom does someone buy your product without checking other websites selling the same thing.

People usually don’t go into the details about products, they just read the description and main features of that specific product. When doing comparisons, point out your biggest advantage  –  why they should be buying your products instead of the competitors’. If you product is more expensive than the others, make sure you justify the price difference.

Reducing Risk

There’s risk in every transaction we make.  Often, it’s the buyer who bears all the risk, or at least that’s the way they see it. If the risk is too big, clients easily change their mind.  Offer guarantees to eliminate or reduce the risk of buying from you.

Here are some examples:

Food delivery in 30 minutes or it’s free: The delivery time is very important to your customers so let them know that you take it seriously.

Guaranteed for 3 months or get your money back: If someone is concerned about the goods not working, this may make them feel secure enough to go ahead with the purchase.

There are many different ways to help you with website conversions, but you need to be creative and  put yourself into the shoes of your customers to understand their needs. So what are your conversion rate tactics? Feel free to comment below.

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