Online Marketing Trends

Information sharing has changed since the introduction of the Internet and has a profound impact when it comes to marketing. If you noticed over the past years that the marketing techniques has shifted more  towards inbound strategies and all these outbound tactics has been eliminated.

There are so many businesses publishing their original content compared to embedding advertising texts inside their internal content due to the beneficial tactics it offers and that is branding and growing their audience.

So back to our top 5 online marketing trends that we can foresee this 2015, they are the following:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Having a Mobile-friendly Content
  4. Ad Retargeting
  5. SEO and Social Signals

Content Marketing

We all know that “Content is King” and Google’s focus has always been leaning towards great content. So this year, expect that content marketing will be much bigger and will be more valuable on your marketing tactics.

If you want to establish authority and gain trust with your consumers, you need to consistently create valuable content through different channels. With that said, this would typically involve relevant industry information providing insights, entertainment or educating the audience. By doing this, it allows your company to build rapport based on demographics and develop loyal following.

As per the Content Marketing Institute, the mentioned that the top B2B tactics are articles posted on a business website, social media, e-newsletters, videos, case studies and other posted articles. Using either or all these channels, companies are able to build a positive reputation within their industry.

Unlike the old trends or marketing techniques such as advertising on radios, televisions and posters – they have become somewhat less effective. So instead of focusing your techniques on these old practices, it is better to focus your company’s time and efforts in inbound marketing – that is, by introducing engaging, valuable and information-packed contents that are targeted towards specific audience in your industry.

A Diversified Social Media Marketing Tactics

Like discussed previously, the typical social media marketing techniques will not be as effective as it once was, knowing there are so many social media sites popping up all the time and getting unresponsive followers and friends on your list is a waste of time. If you are to use social media for your marketing needs, then try to diversify your options and your approaches.

Mobile-Friendly Contents

With the spread of smartphones and other mobile devices, it is important for companies to be more accessible to their target audience especially the mobile users.  So it is really important that you provide your target audience a better mobile experience to browse your business through a mobile device. This is where a responsive design for your website comes in handy.

Don’t lose your customers just because you failed to adapt to this trend.  Be more versatile in your marketing efforts.

Effective Ad Retargeting

Ad retargeting works by utilising your browser cookies to track the websites that users go visit – this is another form of internet marketing tactics that has just been acknowledge recently. It may have been practiced by some businesses before, but only recently has it been caught on and adapted by many.

How do you think this is effective? This works to increase the overall conversion rate just by reminding the consumers or audience of the products or services they recently visited – keeping the brand and the product at the top of the minds of your consumers.

Intertwining of SEO and Social Signals

Social signals do not really carry much clout if you compared it to the traditional inbound links, but they do play a role in organic search rankings. As a matter of fact, social signals are one of the foundations of SEO. You need to be reminded that the goal of Google and other major search engines is to bring users the most relevant and the highest quality content possible to the users, so it does make sense to factor in the number of social shares that a blog post, article or page gets.

Remember that the more the people are sharing a certain content or page, the higher the quality it is going to be and the positioning in the searches will bring it up to the top of the results pages. If you notice carefully that a lot of these search results that are at the top have more social shares compared to the ones that are ranked at the bottom.

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