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If your company is focused on social media marketing – having multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, groups, pages and such, you will have a list of people following and liking you. Even your friends can become your own followers and likers even if you have never talked to them. 2014 might not be a good year for a lot of social media marketers, in fact, a lot of you got that frustrating feeling last year and you try to find ways to improve your social mentions.

This 2015, let us assess the things you have overlooked in the past and how to better improve your campaigns.

Assessing Your Friend’s List on Several Social Media Sites

You can all find a list of friends in any social media site such as Facebook. Though there are some people that may have hit the limit on their friends’ list, but the question is, are they really friends? Each person, there is an estimate of 20-30 friends maximum that they talk to on a regular basis. For those that you never talk to, it is best to take them off your list to free up some space and give space to those that you will talk to. You can do this every 2-3 months and you might surprise yourself. You’ll see that this is very effective in improving your campaigns.

Getting Rid of Inactive Google+ or Facebook Pages/Groups

You need to understand that you are taking your time in one or two pages or groups you have on your Google+ or Facebook and you realize you do not have the time to spend on one or two others that you have. You need to ask yourself what the point is in having these unused pages or groups. If people stumble upon your group or page (inactive ones), and they decide to join only to realize that the page or group that they joined is inactive or dormant, then they felt it was a waste of their efforts and you lose out on these people because you missed them.

So try to remove those inactive accounts (groups/pages) that you hardly use and focus on the main ones that are active – just make sure before you delete that you invite your existing followers to your active ones.

Keep Your Profiles Up-to-Date

A lot of profiles you see in most social media sites are left unattended or not updated. Make sure that any information you placed on your profile are updated as well as making your profile more appealing – some apps are being developed every day in these social media sites and you need to be current in yours as well. People or followers will find out that they are following a real person who is always engaging.

If you have other tips to improve your social media campaigns in 2015, do share!

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