Impacts of Page Speed

With all the Google algorithm updates, some of you may be wondering if the speed of your web page affects SEO, the answer to that is, YES. Google still declared that the speed of one’s web page is just one of the factors that are used to determine its rank in the search results.

You can check out a recent debate regarding this matter on this site: – it’s pretty much a great summary of everything about page speeds.

There is some trace evidence based on the data done by a marketer and writer, Joe Friedlein regarding the matter of page speed and its impact on ranking. The data being referred to here is the crawl statistics that shows Google bot’s activities on the 90 days.


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Mr. Friedlein doing some tests by changing some caching plugin on a website and found that there has been some reflection of activities in the GWT data, which he had major questions in the past. Upon closer inspection, there are revealing patterns that are found to be quite interesting.

He was looking at a page speed and comparing it to the number of kb downloaded, it showed that there were 3 clear spikes in its crawl activity.

As such, one might deduce that the Google bot is more inclined to crawl a site if the page speed shows improvements. But then again, there seems to be a correlation between the increased page speed (when we mean increasing, we mean faster load time) and the number of pages that are being crawled.

Though it is non-conclusive at the moment, but there is to some extent some truth to the matter. It is just logical to think that it is worth to have your site crawled by Google when you speed things up. Just remember that an increase in the crawl activity is a good sign because that just goes to show that Google is interested in your site and for any tweaks done on the site, it can be easily picked up.

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