There are a few ways to add value to your brand personality. Did you know that not all brands have a personality or at least having a distinctive and strong personality? For those that have a strong personality both online and offline, they have a better advantage than the rest. They always stand out. Having a personality is considered a positive factor when it comes to brand equity because it is lasting and it differentiates it from the competitions.

So what values can a brand personality bring?

  1. Enhances self-expression benefits – People tend to express themselves depending on the brand that they buy especially for those brands that are socially popular.
  2. Provides a Basis for a Relationship – This is where it can assist in brand loyalty.
  3. Represent a Functional Benefit and Brand Attributes – Easier to create a personality that implies a more functional advantage than to just communicate convincingly that a functional advantage exists. Remember that it is difficult to attack a personality than a functional benefit.
  4. Helps in Brand Building Programs – Making decisions for brand communications packages – such as advertising, physical packaging, promos, events and etc., is practical and a logical way to do it. With the brand personality, it offers depth and texture; as well as making things feasible to keep the communication effort on-strategy.
  5. Better Understand the Customer – It creates or paves way for an advertiser or marketer or even the manager to get an in-depth understanding on how customer perceives brands. This can result to a more accurate and better insights into relationships and get more personal.
  6. Provide Energy – This means it just amplifies the brand perception and experiences.

Brand personality is a tool to help express a person’s self, represent relationships, communication, guide to building better brands, understand the customer and can contribute energy. It helps create a difference and setting one brand apart from the rest and best of all – makes it impossible to copy it.

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