Using Real World Connections

It was recently made public that some SEO Experts and Brand Managers debated that link building no longer is important to Google. However, this is not totally true. Word from Google’s HQ said that links still does matter and will still matter in the future – however, what matters is how they are earned and how reputable these links are.

Based on what Google’s Matt Cutts, in order for link building to be helpful – you need some creativity and perseverance – this means you have to go beyond the old-fashioned way of just buying links just to earn them. The best is to use the real-world, in-person connections.

Credibility matters more than it ever did in the past and the best ways to build credibility is through real-world or real-life connections. There is no reason to worry if you have a small network, it just shows you that you need to start working on them.

Here are ways to build credible connections properly:

  1. acquaintancesYou can start with those that you know personally or through a business connection. Think of your current network and chances are they will have their own followers. You can announce your new website, product or service by sending a letter, personal email or phone call and offer to share their link on your site if they reciprocate.
  2. Join any local business chambers or chapters of professional organisations with the sole purpose of connecting and networking to professionals that are like-minded.
  3. Hosting an event where everybody likes to feel and be appreciated – so you can host a “thank you” party to those who have supported you in growing your business while all the while you invite new prospects along. A good starting point is joining networking events or hosting one yourself. So you need to put together a targeted list of attendees and send out your invitations online or whichever works. You make an announcement for the purpose of the event plus any door prizes that you can offer for those that take the time to show up.
  4. trade_shows_nologos1Attend a trade show of consider sponsoring one. You’ll find out that trade shows are a great way to meet people in your industry and learn more about how to enhance your business – so, showing up on these trade shows can be enough to kick start it. But for those that wants to make an impression, becoming a trade show sponsor or setting up a display at the trade show will be more effective.
  5. Check out for advertising opportunities offline. Though online ads offer great opportunities for reaching out to specific demographics and target audiences, however, having a local option can be more budget-friendly. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it does require more effort and creativity.

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