How to start your own blog?

You can produce words to help build your business – that is the power of content. A blog is one of the most important marketing tools and is worth one’s time and effort. A lot of the businesses say that their working relationship started out because of their blogs – so that should be enough for new businesses out there to get motivated in blogging.

Here are lessons to learn when blogging:

  1. Quality content matters. Blog with your own time and where you can focus more on valuable posts. Create a more realistic schedule when you want to post because if you keep thinking that you have to write every day and force yourself within your busy schedule, the quality of your content will suffer and your credibility as a professional as well. Content can make or break your market.
  2. Promote your blog and don’t be shy about it. There are lots of people committing the same mistake over and over by just promoting their blog once and they expect that everyone should see or read it. Wrong! If there is a post you are proud of, you need to promote it shamelessly. Share and syndicate them in your social media networks as well as through your newsletters and magazines.
  3. You need to create your own editorial schedule. This will allow you to think each topic to write about and to consider all angles. Having your own editorial schedule can help you feel more confident about your writing as well as you are in control of the whole situation.
  4. Take some time to think about an awesome headline for your article that captures your reader’s attention.
  5. Get structured. You get started and write down your first draft – of course as you go along and as you re-read your draft you can always edit. As soon as you are done, check out the structure of your blog and see if the first paragraph is compelling enough to make them read further.
  6. Using visuals – images, videos and the works. Images are faster processed in one’s brain than any text. So it is important to dress your content a little with some images and videos.
  7. Apply SEO when writing. You know that Google loves fresh content so blogging needs to be as regular as possible. So when writing, think of the SEO perspective – consider your keywords, but don’t overstuff your blog with it as it will become spammy and senseless to read. You want to reach out to readers not just for the search engines.
  8. Make sure to take time to edit your content. Proofread before you publish to avoid any silly errors, which your readers will find if you don’t.
  9. Make sure to always put your call-to-action. Blogs can be anything – from helping, inspiring other people or entertaining your audience. However you want your blog to be, you still have to make sure it benefits your business. So what do you like your audience to do after they read your blog? Make sure there is a call-to-action right after your content and also to keep it simple and obvious for your readers.
  10. Never give up! Blogging can sometimes be a bore or a tedious task, but you need to keep going. This is your way of promoting your business, building your audience and you need to be consistent also.

Try to dedicate your hours writing your blog – just keep these ten things and you’ll be alright. Patience and commitment is the key here. For more tips, just subscribe to our newsletter or if you need some professional help with your blog, just contact us.

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