Secrets Of Traffic Conversions

High Traffic Conversions and optimisation for websites are likely to increase your sales but the question is how? Since we’re in the age of where people are likely to browse the internet for products and service, it is important to learn the best marketing strategies for internet marketing and one these is having a high conversion rate for websites.

Given the situation, most of companies intend to neglect this factor when it comes to internet marketing because they are too busy with their business.

In this article, we’re going to have an insight on how high converting websites do differently when it comes to converting traffic.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Approximately 96% of your visitors aren’t ready to buy
  • 1 Second delay in your site can result in a 7% reduction conversions
  • You have 0-8 seconds to make a compelling headline and landing page to attract your visitors. After that, there’s a tendency that they could leave
  • More landing page means more leads, therefore more conversions.
  • Videos about the product can increase the purchases for about 144%
  • Testing your website and comparing it to your competitors brought many companies to success.


But here’s the real catch on how they do things differently:

Making Clear and Unique Value Propositions

When it comes to your landing page, make sure that you make it clear that striking a deal or buying a product from your company can benefit your visitors. Highlight your company and what you can do for your customers.

Give your visitors are reason why they should buy from your company, for example:

  • Does your company do free shipping?
  • Is money back guarantee?
  • Discount coupon up to 10% or more
  • Weekly or monthly Sale for selected products
  • Good company Feedback from previous customers
  • Same Day Delivery for products


Company Test their Call to Action Methods

It is featured on Hubspot that having a clear Call-to-action that lead into a white paper increased their conversions by 105.9%. In this white paper, the company informs their visitors about the company and what do they offer.

Having a clear call to action for your company can overcome doubts and sometimes answers the questions the customers have for your company.

What to include to your call-to-action strategy? Here are some examples:

  • Include a video behind the scenes video of your company on your operations work.
  • Create a space where your reviews and testimonials that are made by your previous customers and clients.
  • Create a value proposition for your company. Tell them why they should trust you, how long have you been in this type of industry, proof of shipping and more that can justify your company is legitimate.


Note: Getting the feedback and answering the questions of your visitors can increase their chance in buying products and acquiring your services. Try to communicate and understand what your visitors are looking for.

Testing their Headlines

Compelling headlines can make a break for your company and when it comes to making first impressions to your visitors, a compelling headline can be your best bet. It is important that you have a clear headline for your company and why should they avail your products and services.

For example:

  • 30 Day Free trial for new accounts
  • A Webpage for your business
  • Get found online faster
  • Online Advertising that works
  • Free Shipping within the country


They key is to have a clear headline that has a clear proposition for your clients. Try to be creative when it comes to your headlines and inform the visitor that this is the company they’ve been looking for.

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