SEO has changed so much, over the past couple of years. When search engine optimisation is being talked about, what comes to your mind? Is it about article submission, or possibly link building? Link exchange perhaps?

If we’d be doing these strategies about a year ago or so, I can confidently say that these strategies can help you gain rankings. However, a lot of changes occurred over the past few years, and Google has released numerous algorithm updates, making it easier for internet users to get more relevant results. While Google’s intentions are purely good as it aims towards giving internet users a better search experience, these updates made it more difficult for website owners to get better rankings.

This denotes that if you were at the bottom of search engine rankings and still doing the old strategies, your site can get a huge hit from Google, and your chances of outranking those on top were reduced. If you want to survive in the SEO industry, the primary key that you have to take into account is to keep updated on the latest search engine algorithms.

If you wanted to know if your strategies are up to date, here are the latest SEO fundamentals for 2015.

Site Needs To Be Mobile Optimized

Earlier this year, Google has announced that those with a mobile-ready platform get better chances of getting indexed. Those sites which are not mobile ready won’t appear in mobile results – so if you’re targeting mobile users as well, your SEO strategies may also get compromised.

As much as possible, start working on optimizing your site and make sure that it’s viewable in both smartphones and tablets alike.

Branding And Social Media Makes A Good Combination

If article submissions used to be popular before, today, branding in social media plays a crucial role in helping you get better SEO rankings. It is essential that you engage with your customers and target market. Social media makes a perfect channel to help you interact with people that matter to your business.

Don’t forget to keep them updated through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. In the event that they have posted their inquiries through your social media accounts or sent you a private message, answering these queries will not just prove great customer service, but it also promotes branding in social media, thus, allowing you to take higher rankings in search engines at the same time.

Content Isn’t Enough

They say that content is king – regardless of the updates, content remains to be one of the most significant parts in SEO. However, it doesn’t mean that you just produce content. Today, content curation also plays a significant role, alongside your original, informative and entertaining content at the same time.

Produce visual aids and even Add videos to your content. This will create more engagement and thus, improves your SEO rankings.

Being updated on the latest SEO trends is the most important thing that you have to do whenever ranking your site. You can follow popular blogs, Facebook groups or even participate in internet marketing forums to learn more about the SEO fundamentals for 2015 and for the upcoming years.

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