Scams Some SEO Companies Try to Impose to Sell their Services to Unsuspecting Businesses

Ever come across certain so-called SEO experts advertising that they GUARANTEE – let me stress the word for you, G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E 100% complete SEO success for you and your company in less than the amount of time needed, especially if you know that your target industry is huge? Or how about offering you a FREE website design package, but get this, you can only avail AFTER 6 months of the contract! For those that are familiar with how the SEO works, they’ll probably be raising their eyebrows by now.

I assume you may have come across a few. The sad fact is most business owners fall prey to these empty promises and you’ll soon find out why. However, if you are one of the scammed victims or have not realized it yet, you may well need to educate yourself with their scheming tactics. Be cautious when you hire someone or companies who make unreasonable high claims.


If someone offers to do your bookkeeping for free, would you take it? Or say, we’ll market your website for 0 costs – would you instantly grab it? Surprisingly enough, some companies try to offer you free SEO say for 3-6 months – unbelievable isn’t it? But even with rebates and low pricing and other extra services along with the promised work is offered to you, don’t make any hasty decision or you will regret. Nobody in this day and age offers free services – labour work, time and tools costs money, why would they let you pay nothing? Believe me, it is a scam especially if the company offering you service is small or a startup, why would they risk it? Even big companies charges a fee – or a money-back guarantee would be a better deal.

Most of these scheming SEO companies are after your accounts – they want to spy and access because what else would they want? You need to be suspicious of such offers.

Free Website Development after Six Months of SEO or a Year of SEO

Come on! Who would want to spend all their SEO efforts before there are any changes to the website? Why would they want to risk losing their hard work getting your website rank only to have the website changed in the later stage with a new platform? If you hadn’t noticed, there will be a serious negative impact to your site – all the rankings they have gathered for you, are going down the drain, I mean, what for? You are not even sure if they ever will give you that free website design for your business. That might just be a scam to hook you in and get you stuck for six months with no guarantees. If you want to have a website redesigned, it should be included in the package you chose.

First Page Ranking in a Week

Truthfully speaking, even the seasoned and reputable SEO companies cannot guarantee to get your site in the first page ranking; however, they provide you with better options to get a better chance to rank, but it all takes time.

Submitting Site to Hundreds of Search Engines

If you believe this, you’re a fool. How many search engines are people using? Plus, do you really know there are a hundred search engines out there? How about, for English-speaking countries alone? Besides, is your target audience using those 100 search engines? There are only 3 major search engines and those are Google (Leading), Yahoo and Bing. So when someone offers you to submit your site to these 100 search engines, ask them what they are.

Knowing Somebody Working at Google!

Even if you know someone working for Google, they are sworn to keep things confidential. They wouldn’t want to risk losing their job in Google just for them, would they? Another thing is, no Google personnel would want to be link to a fraudulent company anyways. Keep that in mind.

The Google Algorithm Experts

Nobody can predict what Google will do next – algorithm changes and even the best SEO specialist takes some time in understanding the complexity of the algorithm. If someone claims they know this, then they are just trying to fool you and see if you are foolish enough to be taken.

Secret Formula for SEO Success

Our strategy is so secret we don’t want to share it. Seriously?! A successful SEO strategy has to make the right efforts and working with the right mindset and then following through the strategies from beginning til the end. This hog-wash “Secret Formula” is nothing but a false claim.

Tips to Educate Yourself on SEO and How it Works

  • It’s not an instant solution to your marketing problems; in fact the success rate depends on the strategy and the market you are competing. Takes careful planning, dedication and knowing your competition.
  • Pay close attention to what they offer and look what type of proposal they have.
  • Check their contract and do not sign until you read through the fine writing, just like when you are buying an insurance policy. You never know what you’ll be getting yourself into until you are sucked into their game.
  • Make sure you ask all the necessary questions and try to educate yourself so you don’t get fooled.

Overall, before compromising your business and falling prey to these schemes, you need to do some homework – after all, this is your business you are talking about. In order to protect yourself, your finances and your business, don’t fall for any hype.

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