Mobile Marketing For Businesses

To put it simply, mobile marketing is a marketing strategy focused around mobile devices like the smartphones. This is a strategy that provides clients or customers with time specific and location sensitive information that are more personalized especially in the promotion of goods and services as well as ideas.

So how does mobile marketing work?

If you notice the ads on your phones, tablets and other mobile devices, you can see that this is another way of reaching potential clients or customers. The ads usually vary on the type of mobile application you have on your phone.

Does mobile marketing need a certain strategy?

To implement something, there have to be certain strategies to follow. The success of a certain goal depends on how it is being implemented. So for every business that wants to be successful, there had to be a marketing strategy – technology-wise, we are at the age where everything is all mobile. Every individual or at least 95% are glued to their smartphones, tablets or iPods.

So what are the mobile marketing strategies that work?

You need to find out what mobile marketing strategy works for your business, especially with the type of market or industry you are in or your target audience; as well as your budget.

Below is a list of strategies that you need to know and understand which one works best for your business:

 Application based marketing – as the name implies, this is involving mobile apps. Though there are existing apps that you can use to your advantage, you can also create some apps that work best for you and your industry.

 In-game mobile marketing refers to the ads that you can see on mobile games and they appear either as pop-ups, full-image or video ads.

 QR codes – this is not a familiar one to most users, but they are often aligned with mobile gamification. You can look further into this term online to better understand what this is.

 Location-based ads or marketing are ads that appears on mobile devices that are based on a user’s location – that is relative to a specific area or business.

 Mobile search ads – these are Google-based ads that appear in your mobile and they usually appear as an add-on extension.

 Image ads – as the name implies, these are image-based advertisements designed to show in the mobile devices.

 SMS (short messaging system) marketing involves texts offers in your phone messages. And it is considered “somewhat” out-of-date.

 And there are the Google Adwords-enhanced campaigns, where it involves the integration of mobile advertisement for Google users. These are what Google termed as “enhanced campaigns”.

One thing with these enhanced campaigns is that, Google allows advertising agents or users to manage their Adword bids in several devices. This includes the mobile media in one single campaign. You can research more on this particular mobile advertising from Google.

It is better to understand the best practices in mobile marketing to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

 Be clear and concise in your strategy. Gadgets such as cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices have smaller screens compared to the typical PC’s monitor or LCD. Make sure that the message is clear.

 Optimize for the local market or industry. To understand better, mobile searches are typically based on a user’s local IP address.

 Understand the type of audience you are trying to reach.

 Try different strategies until you find one or two that works best for you.

 Track your results. Understanding better which strategy works best for you, then you need to track them.

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